Sometimes the big difference from center to center is the absence of weeds and freshly cut grass. At SPG Contract Services, we don’t do landscaping like other landscapers. Yes we use the same equipment, and yes it is done in a very professional way, but Commercial Properties are our only business. We specialize in the maintenance of commercial properties and do Landscaping only for them. We regularly maintain our equipment and sharpen our blades weekly. One of the main reasons some laws look better than others is sharp blades.

While we don’t do fertilizations, we partner with other companies to make it seamless to the client. Landscaping is made better by the right amount of chemicals applied at the right time and we work with companies that do just that. We then keep the weeds out, trim bushes and trees with an eye on how it reflects on the property and keeping sight lines in mind.

In summary, sure we cut grass, but Landscaping Services encompass so much more. We have access to arborists and regularly use them. Rain or shine we cut because we know the clients of the centers we are maintaining don’t care that it rained on the designated day for cutting. Your businesses have to be taken care of rain or shine and with SPG Contract Services you are partnering with someone who has been doing landscaping for many years.