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Property Management

Property Management is one thing that many property owners think they can do themselves. That is, until the calls start coming in and the problems arise. What does a Property Manager actually do, you might ask? A good Property Manager manages all aspects of a commercial property (and in our case that might or might not include leasing). They handle day to day calls and problems that arise along with finding solutions to the problems. They assist owners in establishing a budget and working hard as the fiduciary of the budget to insure that the budget is followed and that all pertinent items are attended to. They oversee contractors to make sure what they are contracted for is what the center gets and the short term and long term needs of the property are met. Sound easy, well it is not.

You can drive by a commercial property and immediately tell if the property is being taken care of by a professional Property Manager. Who handles the roof leaks….ok, then who handles them when the person you thought handles them never shows up. Why are there pot holes still in your lot in the first week of June. The answers to those questions are likely that you or your property manager don’t have a good network of contractors to take care of the properties like they should be taken care of.

When you have a good Property Manager, things simply run more smoothly. A good Property Manager will not eliminate all of your problems and hassles, but they will step in and step up when the problems come.

At Skyline Property Group, we started out simply as owners of real estate. Our principle owned commercial real estate and largely hired things done, because that is what people do….. he thought. As an owner of real estate, he learned from trial and error what to do and what not to do…. and probably made a few mistakes along the way. Once he started Skyline Property Group he had been in commercial real estate as an investor and an owner for over 10 years. That was 2011, and today Skyline Property Group (which has been recognized as one of the largest Property Mangers in Central Indiana) manages over 30 Commercial Buildings.

Our team, at Skyline Property Group, are committed to treating your property like it’s our own. We have a flexible fee plan that includes a fee structure for simply acting as your Property Manager, but we also have a unique program for leasing and acting as your Listing Broker. Skyline uses a unique approach to getting paid for “commissions” on the leasing side. As an owner of Real Estate our principle always found it difficult to pay the entire commission up front. An owners is always so happy to get a tenant, but then the checks started going out and that can be difficult. We will work with the owners to spread the commissions out over time to make it easier to afford. We also work cooperatively with outside brokers. If the owner of a property has a broker in place who has done a great job with leasing, we are satisfied to simply be a great Property Manager without trying to pressure the owner to make a switch to Skyline for leasing.

Understanding how you are performing financially is critical to your business success. Our industry leading software, Yardi, allows us to provide you as an owner with up to date, unaudited financials at any interval you desire. Our staff efficiently handles the money and deposits it immediately, while collecting all bills and paying them for you.

Skyline self performs many functions allowing us to have our eyes on the properties multiple times a week. While this may be difficult to manage for some, with our geographic area and our cross trained employees, we feel this is the best approach for us and for our owners in the management of their properties. If one of our guys is on the lawn care crew this week, and runs over a fast food cup, that cup becomes 30 small pieces of paper. That same employee may be on the trash crew later in the week and he will understand then, that picking up 1 cup is much easier than picking up 30 pieces of cup later in the week after they have blown all over the lot. Our people and our breadth of exposure to your properties is the reason we really believe we can take care of your property better than anyone in the business, big or small.

Call us to set up an appointment to discuss how we might be able to help you with all of your properties through property management.