Parking Lot Repairs

Few things cause more problems in the Midwest, especially in the spring than Parking Lot Repairs from potholes. What can be done about these issues, it seems we are all helpless to suffer every year.


Potholes and Parking Lot Repairs don’t have to continue causing you stress every year. There are numerous steps to help reduce the hassle of handling this problem. First and foremost water and ice are the enemy. Before winter it is critical that you make repairs to alligator cracks by putting on a hot tar crack filler. Cracks take in water, which in turn freezes and then buckles the asphalt causing potholes. There is an old joke that states that there are 2 kinds of pavement (concrete or asphalt). The kind with cracks and the kind that will develop cracks. Staying ahead of the cracks with Preventative Maintenance programs can cut your long term costs and lengthen the life of your parking lot.


Once you have cracks, you will eventually have potholes. At SPG Contract Services we have developed a system of repairing the holes in a cost effective way, one that solves the short term problem (the pot hole) and yet doesn’t create another potential long term problem. Too many companies put out “cold patch” in the hole and think this will solve the problem. “Cold patch” is a product available at local garden centers and is not a permanent fix. This method is just a short term solution. After it pops out they will put “hot patch” in the hole. This too has it’s issues. If you fail to excavate the damaged asphalt, water will get in under the patch and next year, well you guessed it….a new pot hole.


We have designed a method where holes that are fixed become holes that are much less likely to come back. We saw cut the area around the hole, cutting out to an area where good pavement exists. We then take out all loose asphalt and insert “hot patch” that we get directly from an asphalt plant, we keep it at a high temperature and put it in the newly squared hole. After doing this, we use a professional compactor to smooth the surface and eliminate areas that might hold water that will freeze next year.


How did we develop this methodology you might ask? We did it the way we saw others doing it for years. However at SPG Contract Services we are simply unwilling to just do it the way every other company does things, we are constantly trying to be innovative and provide real solutions to our customers. If you have parking lot repairs and you want them completed in a way that reduce the chances you will have to repair them in the future, please give us a call so we can give you a free quote on repairs.