Snow Removal

Snow and ice events are inevitable in Central Indiana. There are many approaches to handling the snow and ice that come with every snow event. This seems to be one area there is 100% agreement between Tenant, Customer and Landlord. The snow must go!!! What is not so clear is how do you pay for it, when do you come out and plow and when should ice melt be applied?


With almost all commercial leases, the cost to remove the snow is born by the tenant and therefore, the landlord has a fiduciary responsibility to remove snow in the most cost effective way, while also considering the best interest of the general public who are invited guests to their properties. Safety has to be a primary concern when deciding on a snow and ice plan. Even with the legal precedents of invited guests having to use reasonable care when they walk on your lot, you still need to provide as safe a passage as possible, and treat the lot similarly to other centers of like quality in your area.


With that said, how much is enough. Well first and foremost you want to make sure your lanes and access points closest to your building are as clear as possible. SPG Contract Services works cooperatively with owners to put a plan in place to clear the lot and also the areas closest to the building and apply the heaviest salt in areas most beneficial to visitors. Many snow removal companies simply plow the easiest areas and apply salt at the same rate throughout your parking lot. We got into the snow removal business after hiring many different contractors and then spending all our time driving around trying to have them NOT spend all our money. Is it cheap to remove the snow and ice, NO. Can it be done in a way that maximizes what you are spending your money on, we think clearly the answer is YES!!


We use, and insist on, salt that is treated in such a way that it works without traffic movement, and works in low temperatures. We apply bulk products that are designed to cause the least amount of damage to your parking lots and concrete entryways. Our employees are trained to look after the safety of your customers in the lot. We do a lot of our plowing (after the initial clean up) at night when we can better access the lot. Let us come out and put a plan together to plow and salt your lot, big or small.