Trash Removal

The person who came up with the old saying “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” must have said it for trash in commercial real estate properties. Nowhere does it appear more evident of a building owners commitment to taking care of the property than trash and refuse areas. People make assumptions on quality based on cleanliness. If a prospective tenant, or a customer of one of your existing tenants, comes into your center and trash is overflowing from trash cans, they assume the center is not well maintained. If the lot looks like a fast food restaurant blew up in your parking lot, like it or not, they make an immediate decision on being there.


This is an easy fix. Many people have their lots swept professionally periodically and think they are getting the job done. Truth is, that may be enough for one center, but due to the product mix of another center, even one in the same geographic location, it isn’t enough for that one. Wind and building design play a role in how often you need to have trash removed from your center.


At SPG Contract Services, we do a combination of several methods for parking lot clean up. We have learned from many years of owning and managing real estate that no single plan does the trick for every property, a custom approach is the best approach. Because we have been in the business, and our principle has owned commercial real estate for 15 years, we approach trash as a primary need and yet are cognoscente of the need to manage budgets. We manage centers who have trash removed four times a week, picked by hand and also bi-monthly with a trash truck. We also have centers that only need weekly maintenance for trash, allowing our owners to spend their money on other areas. While neither answer is the right answer for every property, we want to show you how to attract customers and prospects by doing the little things well.


Let us come out and design a customized trash removal approach for each of your properties.